Apartment Utilities Connection

Electricity Connection

Electricity is individually metered to your apartment through a ‘smart’ meter, which enables remote meter reading by the service provider.
Electricity at the Emerald Melbourne is supplied by OC Energy through an embedded network. Please contact OC Energy on 1300 49 40 80 to transfer the account into you and/or your tenants name. Alternatively please complete the connection form available on the website at www.ocenergy.com.au.

Gas Connection and Supply

Stove Tops

The gas servicing all apartment cook tops will be billed directly to the Owners Corporation and will form part of the Owners Corporation fees.
No other gas connection is permitted without the expressed consent of the Owners Corporation.

Water Supply Connection (Hot Water)

Hot Water is provided through a natural gas fired central hot water system located on the roof of the building.
Gas consumption for your apartment’s hot water will be billed directly by Origin Energy.
Please contact Origin Energy on 132 461 to set up an account for billing purposes for your apartment.

Water Supply Connection (Cold Water)

South East Water supplies water to your apartment. It is individually metered and will be billed directly by South East Water.
Please contact South East Water on 131 851 to set up an account for billing purposes.

Please note for all utilities connections the postal address for Emerald Melbourne is as follows;
Apt Number (1001) / 35 Albert Road, Melbourne 3004.